2. Prohibition Pig.


  3. The old stomping grounds.


  4. The bro-in-laws playing in their softball tourney. Didn’t end well from a standings point.


  5. Moose calf.


  6. Bedtime.


  7. Niece and nephew beach day with Uncle Sonny! I couldn’t keep up with them.


  8. Quick hike atop Mt. Mansfield with the pops.


  9. Taylor and Mason with Uncle Sonny!


  10. TSA was loving the socks. And people who go through without them are dirty!


  11. SFO -> Newark -> Burlington, Vt. Here starts my 12 hour trek to the east coast.


  12. Listen up Southeast Market Corridor!


  13. Hot dogs! My detox officially begins now. What a weekend.


  14. Ummmm